EDE2008 Pushbutton Debouncer IC


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EDE2008 Pushbutton Debouncer IC

The EDE2008 Pushbutton Debouncer IC provides eight independent debouncing channels for use in interfacing mechanical pushbuttons to electronic circuits. All mechanical contacts exhibit contact 'bounce', interpreted to logic circuits as multiple false signals, when they make or break contact. The EDE2008 removes this bounce on both the positive and negative edges of the signal providing a clean output signal from the mechanical switch. Applications include pushbutton interfacing to microcontrollers & other logic, turnstile counters, CNC machine limit switches, and user interface buttons.


  • Debounces up to eight independent momentary pushbuttons
  • Operates in both directions for active high or active low inputs
  • Works with mechanical & membrane buttons
  • Eliminates all contact bounce noise and glitch activity to provide clean signal to host circuit
  • Each channel operates independently
  • 25ms debounce period on both rising and falling edges
  • TTL/CMOS compatible outputs
  • Serves to buffer host logic via input clamp diodes

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