''Playful Puppy'' Quadruped Robot Kit

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Playful Puppy Robot Kit

The Playful Puppy is an ideal kit for students and hobbyist with basic programming skills. This small quadruped robot is easy to assemble with no soldering required and can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and a USB cable.

The robot detects and tracks movements of nearby objects using a simple infra-red compound eye. This sensor measured the reflected light from it's infra-red LEDs using 4 pairs of photo transistors. As sunlight is a strong source of infra-red light this sensor will not work outdoors.

The Mini Driver robot controller is designed for various robot projects and can be easily removed from the Playful Puppy robot for experimentation.

  • No Soldering required!
  • 10 miniature servos included
  • Sample programs provided
  • Build Instructions


    Assembly Skills - Ideal for the classroom, this kit teaches assembly skills using basic tools included in the kit.
    Electronic Skills - Learn the difference between analog and digital inputs. Learn how to control servos with a microcontroller.
    Programming Skills - Use the Arduino system to upload sample code or write your own. As your skills improve you can teach your robot new tricks.

  • Input voltage: 4.5V - 9V
  • ATmega8A with 8K FLASH, 1K SRAM and 512b EEPROM
  • Built in USB interface and ISP socket
  • 5V @ 1A, LDO regulator
  • Reverse polarity protection on battery input
  • Battery voltage monitor on a& input
  • Dual FET "H" bridge rated at 2.5A per motor
  • 8x servo outputs with selectable voltage source
  • 1x communications socket for bluetooth module
  • Analog inputs include +5V and GND to power sensors
  • Power switch, reset button and D13 LED
  • Recommended for age 8 and up
  • Mini screwdriver and mini wrench included

    Parts Not Included

    The USB cable and batteries are not included. 4x NiMH AAA batteries are recommended, but a battery pack providing up to 9V is acceptable.

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