Vibration Sensor Kit and Forrest Mims Book

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  • Manufacturer no.: VIBRATION SENSOR & BOOK
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Vibration Sensor Kit and Forrest Mims book

This kit includes a vibration sensor kit and Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects book

Vibration sensor kit
The circuit shown here doesn't use any moving parts to detect vibration. Rather, a piezo speaker element is used as a sensitive vibration sensor. Curious how it works? The piezo speaker is connected to the input of an op amp operated as a comparator. This operation is achieved by eliminating the usual feedback resistor between the output (pin 6) and the inverting input (pin 2). In operation, tiny vibrations cause the piezo element to generate a small voltage. The LED glows when the voltage exceeds that applied to pin 3 of the op amp by sensitivity control R2. Visit the Jameco workshop page for complete instructions.

Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects
Learn about important sensors like solar cells, photoresistors, thermistors, hall-effect devices, and magnet switches. Then use these sensors to build circuits and projects that respond to heat, pressure, light, touch, water, strain, lightning, and magnets. You can even make a circuit that detects the presence of the cursor on your computer screen and the position of a compass needle.

About Forrest Mims III

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