High Voltage Power for Outdoor Harsh Environment Applications

Tough environments in power supply applications typically refer to application situations with elevated temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibration. High sulfur or chemical content must be addressed in specialist domains such as rust prevention and sewage treatment. Moisture-resistant general products can only provide limited protection against temperature and humidity and decrease a small number of product problems. In exceptionally harsh environment conditions and fields requiring high reliability, a dedicated power supply for outside hard environments is the optimal choice.

High Voltage Applications

The MEAN WELL HEP Series is a high-voltage power supply series built specifically for severe conditions. Featuring IP67 waterproof and dustproof protection, 10G anti-vibration capability, a fanless design, and an extruded aluminum chassis for conduction cooling, the harsh environment power supply series is appropriate for use with a variety of outdoor industrial and telecommunications equipment. In addition, it offers a number of digital communication features that can be included in human-machine interfaces for system control.

The HEP-2300 Series consists of four output voltages, 55V/115V/230V, and 380V. It is appropriate for dusty conditions as well as indoor and outdoor equipment. The output voltage can be modified using a built-in variable resistor, the programmable (PV/PC) function, and digital communication protocols such as CAN bus, PMBus, and Modbus, making system integration and control through the human-machine interface more convenient.

High Voltage Power Supply

In addition to a variety of output voltages, the HEP-2300 series offers three wiring methods: traditional terminal block, waterproof wiring cable, and waterproof connection. Specifically, the waterproof connector can be utilized for 4G telecommunication radio equipment RRU (Remote Radio Unit) and 5G active antenna unit (AAU) that can be utilized in outdoor base stations. It also offers many mounting options, such as mounting plate, rear mount, and side mount.

Water Plant

MEAN WELL has designed high-voltage power supply solutions for some of the world's most renowned companies for the past four decades. Jameco carries the bulk of MEAN WELL's products and has access to all in-production power supply variants.

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