Intelligent Security Power Supplies

All-in-One DIN-Rail Power DRS Series

Diverse forms of electrical equipment and the proliferation of high-rise structures where many people congregate have expanded fast as a result of the continual development of society. Priority is usually given to fire safety during the construction and maintenance of all buildings, especially skyscrapers. Intelligent fire protection systems, which typically consist of two components: an automatic fire alarm system and a fire extinguishing system, are increasingly being installed in new structures. The security power supply is important for the fire alarm system to work properly.

Building Security

DRS series is a new DIN-rail type intelligent security power supply from MEAN WELL. The most appealing aspect of the DRS-240/480 is its multifunctional integration, which comprises an AC-DC power supply, a battery charger, a DC-UPS, and a communication monitor in a single compact box. DRS series can monitor the state of the power supply system in real-time and alert users in a variety of ways when an anomaly is detected, thereby reducing staff burden and maintenance expenses. In addition, this reduces equipment troubleshooting time and increases the dependability of the power supply system.

Models of the DRS series are offered in 12/24/36/48V voltage settings to serve a wide range of security system applications. It may also give Form-C relay and LED indication light alarm signals, enabling operators to pinpoint the reason of power supply system failure rapidly. The data exchange between the customer's general control system and the security power supply can be accomplished via MODBus or CANBus connection, and diverse alarm information can be viewed at a glance, thereby broadening the product's intelligent application scenarios. To accommodate varied extreme scenarios, the UPS backup function not only enables automatic switching to the battery power source after the AC grid is disconnected, but it can also be forced to be powered by the battery using the built-in forced start feature. The battery charging curve can be adjusted using the SBP-001 smart programmer or the built-in communication protocol, which is compatible with multiple lead-acid and lithium-ion battery charging applications.

Case Study

The versatility of DRS enables it to be implemented into a wide variety of security and fire prevention systems. The power distribution cabinet for a security system is comprised of the DRS-480-48 power supply, a backup battery pack, an alarm control panel, and sockets. Products from the DRS series are used to replace the conventional power distribution cabinet design, which can drastically reduce cabinet size and wiring complexity, facilitating installation and debugging on-site.

Lighting System

In addition to being suitable for fire alarm control systems, the DRS series may provide electricity for emergency lighting systems, ensuring that buildings have appropriate lighting during emergencies.

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