MEAN WELL Power Adapters

Environmentally Friendly High Efficient Design

MEAN WELL Power Adapters offer universal functionality and power factor correction and are highly reliable and compliant with all safety standards. Wall adapters and desktop power supplies both connect directly to the wall outlet and the device. In addition to providing more power than wall adapters, tabletop power supplies offer additional features and certifications.

Applications include:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Office Facilities
  • Telecommunication Devices

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GST Series Green Industrial Adapters

The GST Series Power Adapters from MEAN WELL is a low-cost, highly adaptable power supply that is widely used in a variety of applications. Multiple items or products can be powered by a single power supply. The series adheres to the most recent energy efficiency regulations and fulfills all requirements for energy savings and carbon emission reduction.

  • 89% Efficiency
  • Output Voltages of 5VDC-48VDC
  • Extremely Low No-Load Power Consumption
  • 94V-0 Flame Retardant Case
  • -30 to +70°C Working Temperatures

SGAS Series are Extremely Small and Highly Reliable

The SGAS Power Adapters are exceptionally narrow, small, and optimized for portability. The SGAS Series is 90% energy efficient and offers low no-load power consumption of less than 0.15W, thus allowing the adapter to conserve energy in both running and standby modes.

  • Ultra Slim
  • Universal AC Input
  • No-Load Power Consumption <0.15W
  • Energy Efficiency Level VI
  • Fully Enclosed Plastic Case
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MEAN WELL is the industry leader in the production of conventional AC/DC power supplies, LED drivers, DC/DC converters, and DC/AC inverters. As an industry pioneer, their products are renowned for their superior quality, dependability, and efficiency. Product copy and images provided by MEAN WELL.