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Improving Human Performance

The highest level of safety is kept at nuclear power plants with the help of Pomona Electronics two-part test jumpers and color-coded connectors. When a mistake made by a person can easily cost your company millions of dollars or more in lost revenue, it is very important to cut down on mistakes as much as possible. When it's a nuclear power plant, the stakes are even higher.

Control Panel


The configuration and control of the test being done are an important part of making sure that testing programs work well. Technicians at the plant check the systems every day to make sure they work the same way every time. A first-line supervisor at a nuclear plant explained that they have to show that the equipment is reliable and will work the way it’s supposed to work. Because test leads are often used that have to be replaced when inspection shows signs of aging.

Getting as few mistakes made by people as possible is essential to the testing process. There are many ways to improve human performance, but the idea behind all of them is to create consistent ways of doing things so that no matter what system a technician works on, they always use the same tools and methods they know.

Peer checking is one way to make sure that the two-part jumper cables, which are used to block out other systems so that only one can be tested, are connected to the right places before making the connection. This is done when testing control panels with multiple terminals that look very similar to each other.

Methodical and Reliable Procedure

  • Desired jumper locations should have pre-installed test banana receptacles
  • Always check test jumpers for continuity
  • Without actually connecting the jumper install each jumper to the appropriate jumper location
  • The technician who has the same set of documentation should verify that the connection points are correct
  • Upon verification the center connection points on the jumper cables are connected to complete the circuit
  • After the proper testing has been completed the jumper should be removed and the removal be verified

Even though the steps may seem long, the cost of connecting the cables to the wrong place is high. According to a first line supervisor human performance tools help avoid mistakes. Loss of power in a reactor can be very costly and may take several days to get the system back up and running again.

Pomona Electronics Test Equipment

Connectors: Color Coding

In conjunction with Pomona Electronics, the nuclear power plant has enhanced performance in the production of two-part jumper cables and the color coding of connectors.

Plant workers built jumper cables and painted the parts to color-code them. Occasionally, paper labels were used to identify functions. The outcomes were inconsistent, less reliable connectors with the potential to cause significant issues.

Due to the daily testing schedule, test jacks are frequently kept attached so that they can be used for the subsequent round of tests. The color-coding of the two-part jumpers and connectors indicates immediately which function is being tested. Pomona Electronics now manufacturers three sets of color-coded jumpers/connectors. Not only does the color coding lessen the possibility of human error during routine operations, but it also becomes crucial in emergency situations where time is of the essence.

For the connectors, size was also an issue. Most terminal strips have limited space, therefore bulky connectors or paper labels exacerbated an already challenging situation. Pomona Electronics connectors include a tiny, straightforward terminal jack that simplifies testing. Pomona's two-part jumpers and connections offer superior quality and dependability. By using standard sets of connectors and color-coding methods, the error rate has been drastically reduced.

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