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April 2010

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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A Call For Complainers

Greg's Corner You have to love sales reps. Everything is always "yes." Every problem is amazingly solved by whatever they are selling. When I've been oversold, I complain. How a company responds to a complaint is what sets them apart.

I recently complained to one of Jameco's software providers that their product had disappointed me. My sales rep had promised me a specific feature, but when I went to use it, I found it worthless. I was frustrated and fired off a complaint.

Did anyone take my comments seriously? Will they fix the feature? I don't expect an apology but I would think that if I took the time to complain, that someone might have time to type out a brief "thank you."  Are you surprised that my complaint was apparently ignored?

Jameco treasures complaints. The word "treasures" was not chosen lightly. In fact, I'll take a complaint over a compliment any day of the week. Complaints offer Jameco a road map to improve and perfect our business. Don't get me wrong, complaints are rare, but when we frustrate our customers we treat the input as gold and we're trained to fix the problem so it won't happen again.

We make it easy for customers to have direct access to the Jameco management team and actively respond to all e-mail personally with our [email protected] email address. No company is perfect, but there's a problem when a company begins to think that they are.

Greg Harris
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]

Featured Manufacturer

Molex Jameco Electronics carries over 2,000 products from Molex Inc., the leading manufacturer of interconnect products.

Find out more on Molex here.
Recipe 5

Put Your High Beam On That Hard Drive

A Forrest M. Mims III Special

Your hard drive is trying to communicate but that wimpy little LED hard drive activity light can be so hard to see! Brighten up that hard drive activity light with this straight forward project by none other than Forrest M. Mims III.

See how it works here
chipaxe sound

Build A Better Beep

What the beeping beep is that supposed to mean? No this is not a article about John McEnroe or a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen, this is a project that allows you to wrestle control of that beep in your life. Our friends at CHIPAXE take you deep into the bleeping code.

Beep Beep Beep better here.
Robot Build

The Coaster Bot Robot Challenge

Our friends at Make Magazine have issued a challenge. They've created the great "coaster bot" challenge. What's a coaster bot you ask? It's a robot developed on a platform of CD or DVD disks. There are a range of prizes including a $500 grand prize, but the real honor is that all the winning entries will be featured at this year's Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 where the robots literally take over. Find out if you have what it takes to be a master robot builder!

Jameco sponsors the Coaster-Bot Robot Challenge!

Getting An Education in Electronics

Product Update Forrest M. Mims III is a regular contributor to the Jameco newsletter and the author of some of the most famous educational texts on electronics. Unlike those heavy sleep inducing text books most of us remember, Forrest's lab book approach is still fresh thirty years later. Shalin Shah reviews Forrest's best sellers.

Read about Forrest's best sellers here.