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April 2013

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Light Painter

DIY Project: The Light Painter

Do you enjoy photographic special effects? You may have set up a camera, opened the shutter and begun to shine lights at the lens before, but this Instructables project takes it a step further with a touch sensitive mutlicolor light wand.

Learn how to paint the night
Club Jameco Whiteboard

Club Jameco Electronics Project Whiteboard

The Club Jameco Whiteboard is a collaborative discussion board to help build better electronics projects. Have a great idea for an electronics kit but aren't sure how to build it? Have a great project idea but need some feedback? Have great design skills but aren't sure what to design? Use the Club Jameco Whiteboard to connect with others and engage in cutting edge electronics projects.

Get connected and start posting
Baseball K-Zone Challenge

Jameco Challenge: The Next Baseball Technology

When you catch a Major League Baseball game on TV this season, you may see ESPN’s K-Zone – the digital display of the strike zone that appears during replays of a pitch. This is your chance to second guess umpires, pitchers and batters. The geek inside you might wonder if it’s possible to add more technology to the sport of baseball. Jameco challenges you to do just that.

Take the baseball design challenge.

Product Update: Fluke Test Equipment

Most people know Fluke as the brand name for digital multimeters, but Fluke also offers high quality ruggedized vibration meters, scopemeters and infrared thermometers. Jameco has been busy adding lots of exciting new Fluke tools.

Find out more about Fluke meters

Greg's Corner: Every Quarter is Springtime

Greg After working for a number of different companies, it's clear to me that there is something unique about each one. When I interviewed to work at Jameco, it was difficult to tell what was different here, but it didn't take long to figure it out once I arrived.

The cultural tradition I discovered only after accepting my job at Jameco

The average tenure for a Jameco employee is over nine years. In our industry, that's a huge length of time. To the customer, that means you are dealing with professionals who are both successful and care about the quality of their work. If you ever have a concern about Jameco's people, drop me a note and let me know. I promise prompt attention.


Greg Harris
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
Customer Playlist

What song is in your head?

Recently we asked a few Jameco customers what type of music they were listening to. We got tons of responses, creating over five hours of music, and we wanted to share them with you. We think you'll be surprised by the diversity of Jameco customers' musical taste.

Here's a taste
Customer Success Stories

Customer "Success" Stories

Our best stories come from you, our readers. Whether your electronics endeavors are successes or failures, the stories always entertain us. In this issue we feature four reader contributions: a smart punching bag, a classroom quiz show, and two different kinds of alarm systems.

Your stories, in your words

Tech News Round-Up: Electronics Imitates Anatomy

Battery Our limbs can bend and stretch. Our skin can heal itself. Our hands can feel subtle differences between materials. Electronic devices can only begin to compare with all the things the human body can do. This month we explore three new human-like technologies: a stretchable battery, a microchip that heals itself, and a robot with a sense of touch.

Find bodily attributes in electronics

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]