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August 2010

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Greg's CornerWe recently published what we thought was a really cool how-to video on how to create a function generator and enclosure. At least one customer decided to try the project for himself. Here's what he wrote in an e-mail to me.

"I read your piece in the newsletter and just wanted to tell you that, aside from my satisfaction with your products, your staff absolutely fulfills the promise that you made in your letter. I recently purchased the tone generator that was featured in your newsletter, but I began planning to build it, and I realized that the instructions for the circuit were incomplete, and there were no instructions for wiring the controls that are installed in the box.

I've learned how frustrating it is to build something complex and then find it doesn't work, so I called and told customer service that I wanted to return it. The person I talked to was great - no questions asked, gave me an RMA, and I sent it back for credit. Thanks to you and Jameco for excellent service."

While the customer was trying to pay a compliment to Jameco for good service, I was disappointed. Frankly being able to accept a return from a disappointed customer is only par for the course. In my book that's not really the exceptional level of customer service that we strive for. After talking with the team about this e-mail we all agreed that we had assumed too much knowledge and that additional instructions would be really valuable. So, thanks to a customer comment, all customers will enjoy the benefit of expanded and improved instructions on our web page.

While there is much discussion about “Web 2.0” concepts of community-inspired content, Jameco is honing its "Service 2.0" strategies by encouraging customers to tell us what we could do better. I can't think of a better customer-driven approach to growing a company.

Greg Harris
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]

Technology IQ

IQ Test Prior to the first steam locomotive, people could only travel as fast as a horse could run. Some would argue that trains were the beginning of the industrial and technological revolution. The first steam engine dates back to 1804. How fast did it go?

A: 5mph
B: 10mph
C: 25mph
D: 30mph
E: 35mph

See how you did...

Please don't hesitate to share your invention or project with the Jameco community. It's a great way to show off your solutions to every day problems. Submit your story to [email protected].
Make Video

Jameco Summer School

Learn how to use a perfboard with this step-by-step video from Maker-extraordinaire Collin Cunningham. Time to fire up that soldering iron and learn how to build your own prototype.

Get your 8 minute education here...

Wireless Sensor, Actuator Networks and You

The world is quickly shedding the wires that bind it. While most of us think about telephones or the internet, a recent Electronic Design article tells us that sensor and actuator networks (WSAN) are quickly becoming wireless too. Before you do anything crazy like setting up your own WSAN, get up to speed on the basics.

Learn about WSAN technology here.
Coaster Bot

The Great Robot Build

Our friends at Make Magazine wondered just how creative their readers really are. The idea of challenging readers to simply build a robot didn't seem nearly as interesting as requiring them to build it around a common bit of technology junk.

See the winners here and learn how to build your own Coaster-Bot!

Measure Your Load

Loadstar 2Yes, you read that right. It's time you knew exactly what kind of load your design is supporting and Product

Manager, Shalin Shah introduces us to Loadstar Sensors, one of Jameco's newest manufacturers. Why do you need to measure your load?

Click here to read about some sample applications for this new technology.

Did The Catalog Disappear From Your Shelf?

We've heard a few stories of people stealing the Jameco catalog because they don’t have one of their own. That's a little hard for us to believe since we will gladly send you a catalog free of charge. We have a few more left if you haven't received the latest catalog.

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