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August 2013

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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My Story: “A Love H8 Relationship”

Heathkit H8 By Glenn Roberts

Acquiring and installing a personal computer is taken for granted nowadays. But back in the late 70's, before the Mac and PC, computers came in the form of a kit, the technically-inclined would have to invest weeks worth of income, break out the soldering iron, and painstakingly pore over a programming manual just to get the system "up and running." Most of us haven't looked back, but a few old timers reminisce about the "golden age" of personal computing as they unearth a nugget from those days – the Heathkit H8.

Glenn revives the Heathkit H8
Jameco Sign

Take the Jameco Video Tour

For over 40 years, Jameco has considered its warehouse to be its "secret sauce." Visitors have been desperate to step behind the lobby doors and get a glimpse of the fabled warehouse teeming with more than 50,000 products. Some think of it as an engineer's playground. Others think of it as an electronics temple. Have you ever wanted to wander through Jameco's warehouse? Our new video tour gives you the behind-the-scenes access you may have only dreamed of.

See inside the belly of the beast

DIY: Down the Rabbit Hole

By Phillip Kane

DIY Sometimes an electronics project lands you in strange and unfamiliar places. Like Alice's adventure down the rabbit hole, each move leads you to another set of unexpected circumstances. Philip Kane’s adventure began when extra components for a keypad project led him to the peculiar world of resistance touch switches. Did Kane master the circuit and software or did he scurry back up the rabbit hole?

Take an unplanned electronics adventure

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Send your story to [email protected]

Selling the Next Great Idea

By Gerard Fonte

There is an urban legend about a smart inventor who came up with a good idea and sold it to a big company for a gazillion dollars. As with any legend, the tale is more fantasy than reality. Surely individuals can strike it rich selling their ideas, but unless you are well connected to people in positions of power, you will need to know how to package and promote your idea to increase your chance of success.

Turn your product idea into business legend
Led Lighting

Why LED Lighting in the Home Makes Sense

By Sebastian Berge

The future for lighting homes lies in LED lighting. Sebastian Berge explains why this should happen for new and existing buildings. The solution may be simpler than you think. And the cost savings may send you straight to your local hardware store.

How LEDs shed light on the future