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August 2014

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Jameco History

Jameco Celebrates 40 Years of Service

We've never actually told the story of how Jameco got started. An idea, a few components in a garage and one small test advertisement lead to a business that has thrived for more than 40 years.

Find out the never before published history of Jameco.

Do You Remember?
In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we're asking customers to search their memories and share stories with us about their experiences with Jameco over the years. This month's question is: What was the first item you ordered from Jameco and what did you use it for? Send your answers to [email protected].

Oldie But Goodie: Jameco JE300 Thermometer Kit

One criticism of modern day electronics is that it's often cheaper and easier to buy something new than fix something old. But new doesn't necessarily mean better. After decades of being disappointed by new thermometers, Jameco customer Marshall Moore decided to dust off his Jameco Digital Thermometer Kit from 1980.

Marshall rediscovers one of Jameco's best selling kits.

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected].
Clock Kit

Rebooting a Classic: Jameco JE725 Clock Kit

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, Product Manager Ryan Winters reviewed some of Jameco's original hobby kits and decided to give new life to one. He's almost done redesigning an original Jameco Clock Kit, but he needs your help to finish it up.

Help Ryan finish resurrecting this classic Jameco Clock Kit.

Product Checklist: Do You Have the Power?

Have you wondered why you might need a benchtop power supply for your workbench? Product Marketing Engineer Rob Cong explains why you should invest in one today, and if you already own one, you can see if your features stack up to today's new models.

Check out the benefits of benchtop power supplies.
Jameco Jingle

Jameco in Song

In May, we challenged our talented customers to create a little jingle about Jameco. We got a lot of fun responses and had a blast listening to them all, but customer Johnny Angel's tune was music to our ears and won the contest.

Listen to the Jameco Jingle.