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December 2011

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Robots Take On New Territory

By Frances Reed

Robots have infiltrated the world of therapy. These TheraBots show great promise in many fields including disorders, treatment and in-home care. Researchers becoming geeks, or geeks becoming researchers, anyway you slice it, the benefits are startling.

Check out these super cool TheraBots in action.
Dyson Multiplier

How It Works: The Dyson Air Multiplier

By Robert Cong

The Dyson Air Multiplier claims to be able to accelerate airflow by 15 times (or up to 55 mph) all without any visible blades-seems a little like magic. You can place your hand "through" the fan, float a balloon through it, and even feel safe letting a child play with it. So how in the heck does this contraption create an air draw and push? Our own Robert Cong is on the case and gets to the bottom of the mystery.

Reveal the secret of the bladeless fan here!

My Story: Digi-Comp Makes a Come Back

By Lenore Edman

Digi-Comp Imagine a computer with no electricity. The Digi-Comp, originally built in the 1960s, is a true binary computer, powered only by marbles. Our friends at Evil Mad Science tell us how it works and what's next in the Digi-Comp family.

Program simple problems in minutes!

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]

You Guys Are Crooks!

By Greg Harris

Greg's Corner While I'm happy to report that Jameco's customer feedback is usually very positive, it's also quite common to get an email from customers accusing us of excessive greed when it comes to the price we charge for shipping. Most customers realize that our rates are very competitive, but frankly, the complaints about the price of shipping lightweight packages are justified.

For years I've tried to carefully respond to every one of these complaints explaining the challenges of shipping from Jameco's perspective. I always assure customers that Jameco was not getting rich on the rates charged for small orders (and in many cases Jameco was losing money).

Until today, there's one thing, I haven't been able to say.

Read Jameco's big announcement!

After reading our big announcement I would love to hear any feedback. Please drop me a note. You can count on getting a reply.
Menorah Kit

Modern LED Menorah Kit

Enjoy this wax-free menorah that goes anywhere: on your desk, on your mantle piece, even in your car. The holiday can't be made any easier when you can have your own Hanukkah celebration to-go.

Learn and build your own Menorah Kit for the holidays!

PicoTurbine Renewable Energy Kits

Ending oil dependence is more than just an idea at PicoTurbine, it's a crusade. Whether it's solar, fuel cell or wind-produced energy, PicoTurbine has a product and the most up-to-date, hi-tech information available.

Generate energy with your own wind turbine.
Jameco Crossword

Test Your Electronics IQ

Test your electronics IQ. As we all know, electronics has its own lingo. You don't need to be an electronics engineer to be familiar with most of these, so hit print, grab a pencil and test your knowledge with Ryan's Crossword Puzzler.

Tackle the Jameco crossword puzzle here!
Follow up

Out of Work Follow-Up

Last month we called to those facing career challenges with the hope of making a connection in the Jameco community. If you have a position to fill, or need some help, we hope you’ll take a moment to connect with those who wrote us looking for a company that values electronics experience. There are also a few who have posted an electronics job opening.

Make the perfect connection in the Jameco community.