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February 2013

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Old Technology

My Story: Old Technology to the Rescue

Designer Phillip Kane got excited reading Jameco's newsletter featuring a new IC that is pin-compatible with the 555 timer called the CSS555. Among the features that caught Phillip's eye was a programmable six-decade counter using low timing component values. It was just the feature he needed for a project requiring a time delay of up to 8 hours. A great idea... but when it comes to electronics, execution is not always easy.

The chip came with a catch!

Product Update: Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinders

Ultrasonic sensors use sonar to help detect both objects and people. It's the same technology used to squeeze cars into tight parking spaces, perform an ultrasound in the physician's office and detect objects under water. Because these sensors can play a big part in the functionality of your project, the most precise ultrasonic sensors are needed.

Find out about this new line of ultrasonic components
Jameco Puzzler

Jameco Puzzler: Transparent Microphone

By Forrest M. Mims III

Pop singer Twanger McTune wanted a novel method to increase her dwindling number of fans. While drinking a glass of soda between performances, an idea came to mind: what if she created a transparent plastic microphone with no internal wires or electronics that would faithfully reproduce her voice as she sang? If the sequined glove worked for Michael Jackson, maybe a transparent microphone would work for her. She called upon ace electronics consultant Buzz Masters to solve the technical details.

How did Buzz Masters tackle this assignment?
Greg's Corner

A Lesson So Powerful It Can't Be Forgotten

By Greg Harris

The day you stop learning is the day you probably die. I learn all the time, but it's the remembering part that I struggle with! I forgot most of what I learned as a teenager in the 70s, but I do remember an important set of lessons from snow skiing that applies to business every day.

How is skiing like running a business?

I talk to a lot of customers over the course of any week and I would love to say that I remember every single interaction, but I don't. However, if you ask me about lessons I've learned from customers, it's a pretty long list.
Roundup Image

A Bug May Save Your Life

Plus Fireflies and Tin Whiskers The unthinkable happens. You hear a deafening bang, the ground trembles, the walls collapse and you are trapped. You detect an unusual smell and try not to panic. There is nothing you could do except wait for help. Will anyone find you under all that rubble? The last savior you might expect scurries through a tiny crack.

What could it possibly be? Stay up to speed on new electronics technologies.
Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]