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January 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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ShipThrift Store Parts on a US Navy Ship

Sixty years ago as a Fire Control Technician aboard the USS Turner, Jack Ward wanted his ship to pass inspection, but he would need a vacuum tube that the Navy didn't provide. Find out how good old American ingenuity and a thrift store played a role in helping this World War II naval destroyer pass the test.

How did million dollar Navy equipment use a thrift store part?

Banana PianoBuild Your Own Banana Piano!

What's better than combining your electronics skills with music and fruit? We set out to turn a banana into a musical synthesizer. The recent Minions™ movie helped inspire us to create a DIY project that's as simple as it is fun. There's nothing despicable with this project, add an Arduino, some resistors, a speaker, and wire to your bananas and you are in business. Try building the Banananio.

The banana musical synthesizer – check out the video.

3D PrinterResin Casting vs. 3D Printing

Casting is a traditional manufacturing method dating back thousands of years but that doesn't mean it's an outdated technology, and although 3D printing technology has probably been around longer than you realize, its application potentials are just taking off. We wanted to compare the old school versus new school ways of production. As we go through casting methods and the latest and greatest for 3D tech, find out which method you would prefer to employ while making your own creations.

Are you the old fashioned type when it comes to prototyping?

diyWhen DIY Becomes SIUBY

DIY (Do it yourself) can sometime turn into SIUBY (Screw it up by yourself). We're looking for a few quality stories from our reader's past about that time when Do It Yourself didn't happen as planned. These might be stories about how you thought you were going to save money only to ultimately cost you more. Or you might have a story about when you were young and overconfident in your abilities. Take a few minutes to tell us your story, if we think it has entertainment value we'll have an editor give you a call and see if we can help you tell your story so others can learn from your experience.

Write us at: [email protected].

ChallengeUltimate Electronics Security Challenge

Break-ins and thefts have seemingly run rampant and although security cameras are practically everywhere, it's not uncommon to find out a thief is never brought to justice. Although it appears there is not much a theft victim can do, we know the Jameco community loves to tackle a challenge, so here it is. Tell us what electronics you would employ to have thieves running for the hills before they have a chance to do any harm.

How would you use electronics to scare off a burglar?