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January 2017

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Pocket Guitar Amplifier

DIY: Pocket Guitar Amplifier

Replace a big heavy electric guitar amp with this pocket-size do-it-yourself project. The milli-AMP runs off of an internal rechargeable battery and despite its small size, it has two watts of output power making it plenty loud for noisy environments. Go completely mobile while playing guitar, providing real electric guitar sound without the cumbersome large amp.

Miniaturize your world and rock on!
Audio Synthesizer

Design Dream Team Collaborates on Open Source Audio Synthesizer

Engineers design differently today. The secretive labs behind lock and key have been replaced by the ability to call on a range of experts all willing to help as long as you are willing to share. It’s this philosophy that made Believotron, a new approach toward an audio synthesizer, a reality.

The design isn't finished until you weigh in.

Advice for the AgesAdvice for the Ages

As Greg advances in years, he is in a desperate search for someone (anyone) who will listen to his career advice. In this version of Jameco's Corner, he talks with a level of pride about forcing his son to listen to his words of wisdom before he embarks on his career, but Greg also remembers ignoring advice he got early on in his career.

Career advice being passed down from generation to generation.

Computer LightingTech Tales: Computer Lighting

Jameco's technical support team is here to help customers source products, troubleshoot and answer questions every day. Sometimes the Technical Team even gets a little creative with thinking outside of the box. This Tech Tale involves shedding a little to make everything seem clearer.

A customer give's Tech a different point of view.