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February 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Free Shipping ClubGreg's Corner: Jameco's Free Shipping Club

Team Jameco makes a point of reading and answering every email we get and we believe there is no better approach to running a business than listening to customers and giving them what they want. The comment we hear most often asks for free shipping and frankly we've been reluctant to listen, until now.

"Why should I have to pay $8 to ship a product that costs $10?" The answer, of course, is that the cost of shipping has everything to do with weight, distance and speed and has nothing to do with the cost of the product. Offering free shipping creates a real cost for a company like Jameco and we're sort of committed to not losing money, but we sharpened our pencils and figured it out.

We figured out how to offer free shipping and not go broke!

Unexpected Electronics MistakeMy Story: An Unexpected Electronics Mistake

Is it me or do projects generally fail before they succeed? I've learned that troubleshooting issues may be the most important skill I need. This metal detector project almost ended up in the trash, but with a little debugging patience the solution was simple and almost overlooked.

The mistake that could have ended the life of a project

Visualize Your HeartbeatDIY: Visualize Your Heartbeat

You'll see your heart pumping with excitement as you build your own DIY pulse rate monitor. You could use an EKG machine or a stethoscope to measure your heartbeat, but why not use an Arduino? In just a few hours and with a handful of components, you could record your heartbeat in live time from the comfort of your own home.

Use infrared light to measure your pulse rate.

OSEPP Arduino Compatible ProductsProduct Feature: OSEPP Arduino Compatible Products

Open-source platforms are allowing electronics enthusiasts to reach new heights in robotics. OSEPP is a Canadian company that produces Arduino compatible products that encourages hobbyists to let their electronics creativity run wild.

Reach new heights with OSEPP Arduino friendly products.

Infrared BeaconHot Club Jameco Kit:
Infrared Beacon for Robotics Electronics

This project is an Infrared (IR) beacon for use in some robotics games and competitions. It emits an IR signal at 1200Hz suitable for some IR sensors in robotics and uses the LM555 timer IC and a two-transistor current source to drive IR emitting diodes. The device maintains stable frequency and IR output throughout a wide operating voltage from 4.5 - 9V independent of battery strength.

Build this kit.
The Gift Center
Jameco is the place for great gifts at great prices! We've highlighted a few of the top selling kits in the industry. We're positive you'll find the perfect gift for that special someone!

Educational Kitting Program
Learn more about Jameco's Educational Kitting Program and other educational opportunities.