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February 2017

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Charlieplexing: RGB LED Cube

We've featured cube projects before, but this is an RGB project that uses a minimalist hardware approach and is appropriate for beginners. Using a phenomenon called Charlieplexing, multiple LEDs can be turned on with an Arduino without the need for additional hardware.

Build your own RGB LED Cube
Ham Radio

Ham Radio is Not Dead Yet

Before the days of the internet, Ham Radio was as close to "social media" as anyone got. The idea of communicating with people around the world was enough to inspire a lifelong passion for radio. What might be surprising to some is that the advent of the Internet did little to dampen the enthusiasm.

Meet KD6W and discover why Ham Radio innovation continues.

Seven Segment DisplaysWorking with Seven Segment Displays

Seven segment displays are still used in a wide number of devices and appliances. They provide a simple solution for applications that require numeric output consisting of a few decimal digits.

Using Seven Segment Displays with Microcontrollers

Electronics WorkbenchThe Electronics Workbench

A designer's workbench is unique to the designer who created it and we know that this creation started with the very first project and grew with each project after that. A designer's workbench has seen failures, successes, blood, sweat and an occasional turkey sandwich.

The latest submissions into the Jameco "Workbench" collection.
Acoustic Surveillance Technology

ShotSpotter: Acoustic Surveillance Technology

One company found a way to merge technological innovation and law enforcement and save lives in the process. Jameco customer ShotSpotter is a leader in gunfire detection and has been working on acoustic location technology for almost 20 years.

Learn how the cops are finding crooks faster than ever