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February 2018

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Quick Draw Bot

What I did with my Raspberry Pi

At a Bay Area Maker Fair Matt Havlovick and Corey Gano saw a V-Style drawbot on display. They thought about buying one but came up with a better idea... why not build one themselves! A few months later they created the QuickDrawBot.

The drawing machine you've got to see!
The Robotic Hand

Video Review: The Robotic Hand

The Robotic Hand project is a great kit for getting started with motors, sensors or even animatronics. Learn how to build your own robotic hand and impress your friends with its amazing movements.

Check out the video now!

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEM programs encourage students to get involved with various forms of science and math. Megan Tung grew up in the Silicon Valley constantly surrounded by STEM opportunities, programs, and classes. Because of her bias in favor of STEM, she decided to reach out to other students and teachers to hear what they had to say.

Understanding STEM Education

7-SegmentWorking with Seven Segment Displays

Light emitting diodes have many advantages. They are small in size, have a long-life span, are available in various colors, and are easy to interface with other components and circuits. Philip Kane runs through a quick introduction to the basics of using seven segment LED displays with microcontrollers.

Let's get started!