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March 2015

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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My Story: The Inevitability of FailureEngineering Failure

As a college student majoring in engineering, failure is inevitable. Jameco intern Hannah Moore has experienced her fair share of failure. Of course failure allows us the opportunity to problem solve and learn from our mistakes but sadly doesn't protect us from failing again!

Find out how one failure led to another and another!

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project or challenge to [email protected].

Tongue to hearUse Your Tongue - A New Way to Listen

Imagine facing your world with limited sensory perceptions. How would your life operate differently? New research and an innovative device helps those suffering from hearing impairments hear with their tongues. Yes, you read that right!

No ears required, use your tongue and electronics to hear.

Greg's CornerCan you hear me now?

Want to know the quality of an organization? Write an executive and see what kind of response you get. Greg has concluded that the quality of the reply says everything about the quality of the organization. While Greg is the first to acknowledge he spends way too much time writing executives, you might be interested to see how many fall short of Greg's standard.

How do executives deal with a letter from Greg?

Deadbolt HackDIY: Ditch Your Keys - Try the Deadbolt Hack

Enjoy keyless entry to your home and show off your electronics skills with our Deadbolt Hack Kit. Jameco Product Manager Ryan Winters walks you through everything you need to know to install keyless entry using your own deadbolt. Give it a try and become the envy of your neighbors.

Find out if hacking your deadbol your next project.

SaleaeProduct Update: Saleae Logic Analyzer

The Saleae Logic Analyzer features advanced applications, a user-friendly interface and is ultra-portable. Try it and find out just how easy it is to take the pain out of debugging.

Save time debugging with the Saleae Logic Analyzers.

Art ChallengeJameco Art Component Challenge Update

Electronic components as art? Recently we challenged our readers to use components in their artwork. As you might expect, there was no lack of creativity in the results we received.

Electronic components have never looked so creative.