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March 2016

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SpinballMy Story: A Basic Electronics Upgrade Wasn't So Simple

When a huge sports equipment manufacturer approached Spinball Sports to implement an electronics upgrade to their pitching machines, their simple solution led them down a handful of dead ends.

The offer they couldn't refuse led to a headache they hadn't planned for!

Infinity MirrorDIY: Infinity Mirror 2.0

There are many different instructions out there on how to build an RGB LED infinity mirror. To be honest, many of the builds are difficult to follow especially for beginners. This project update has been created by designer Bifino to simplify this fun project and create easy to follow instructions so that anyone can build.

You won't be able to resist the adjustable-speed color-fade mode!

SiriHow Siri Works: Smartphone Voice Recognition

Those who own a phone loaded with voice recognition like Siri or Cortana you know the software can be very clever and pretty useful at times. Stating a simple question or request quickly simplifies the need for getting things done. But really how does it work?

Turning your voice into digital data.

The Scam We Almost Fell ForThe Scam We Almost Fell For

An email came from my CEO asking me to wire $45,000 to an account number at Chase Bank in another city. Apparently there was some urgency to his request. He apologized about recruiting me for the task but asked me to step in while he was out of the office. In general, much of my success in life is directly attributable to doing what the boss asks me to do.

Doing what the boss asked me to in this case would certainly have gotten me fired.

Electronic Theft Deterrent DesignsChallenge: Electronic Theft Deterrent Designs

We challenged you to share your project ideas in creating an electronic device that would send a robber running for the hills. Many ideas included loud noises, flashing lights and low voltage electric shock. The ideas came pouring in, and we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Check out these fun, creative and even wacky ideas!.