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March 2017

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Building a Mega Electronic Sudoku

Harry Wiguna had an idea to build an electronic Sudoku using seven segment displays after he saw a three digit seven-segment display online. It occurred to him that three of those displays could make up a 3x3 grid, repeat that nine times and you'd have an 81-digit electronic Sudoku board. Granted it wouldn't be a perfect square, it was just too cool not to try.

What would you do with 81 seven-segment displays?

One Makers "Chill Pill"

Chris Schardt of LED Labs has created LED displays in all shapes and sizes along with creating the first iOS app designed to control LED displays of arbitrary complexity. His app allows designers to create a list of scenes that can be played back. Chris’ latest installation was inspired to create ultimate relaxation.

The LED space that is uniquely technological and artistic.

Nobody Likes a NagNobody Likes a Nag

Greg is a nag. He was born with nagging genes. He is fascinated by the role that nags play inside organizations. He doesn't like nagging and imagines a world someday without nags. Don't worry, at no time will Greg actually nag you in this article.

Is it true that nagging makes the world go around?

Designing Your Own PCBDesigning Your Own PCB

Want an electronics project to be taken seriously, it should have a PCB. Watch Ryan show you how easy it can be to design your own custom printed circuit board using free downloadable software. Anyone can design their own PCB.

Designing your own printed circuit board has never been easier.

New Electronics Component Catalog

Have you received the latest copy of Jameco's catalog? Our cover photo, shot by a drone, captures the sun over Ohio farmland. Uses for drones are becoming more diverse with machines being developed for everything from farm use to search-and-rescue efforts. Quite literally, the electronics industry is rising to new heights.

Order your catalog today!