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March 2018

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Space Music

Space Music

Jameco customer, Dan Goins, recently bought the MadLab Junior Theremin kit to build with his grandson. Building it brought back memories of a project that he worked on over 38 years ago.

Read about Dan's planetarium synthesizer.

An Introduction to BlocklyProp Programming

Programming is nearly commonplace in our schools thanks to the national focus on STEM and educators who are leading these changes. The tools for physical computing have improved quickly, and Blockly is one of the systems making coding fun and easy to learn.

Parallax shows us with the ActivityBot 360° Line Follower
555 Timer

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the 555 Timer

Designer Jesse Rutherford wrote an easy-to-follow book teaching how the 555-timer works. The book includes step-by-step instructions and hands-on projects. He has also created videos to share simple tricks and hacks to put the 555-timer into action.

Check out his videos now!

Servo MotorsHow Servo Motors Work

Perfect for operating remote-controlled cars, robots and airplanes. They are also used in industrial applications, robotics, in-line manufacturing, pharmaceutics and food services. But how do the little guys work?

They are small in size, but they pack a big punch!

CAIG LaboratoriesLong-Lasting and Safe to Use

CAIG Laboratories offers an extensive array of cleaners, lubricants, enhancers, preservatives, and accessories for electronic, electrical and mechanical applications. They have manufacturered the highest quality electronic chemicals since 1956. Their trusted DeoxIT® products are environmentally safe, and CAIG is constantly developing new products and applicators.

Improve your product performance and integrity.