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April 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Test Chamber Blew UpMy Story: The Day the Environmental Test Chamber Blew Up

J. Bart Henthorn shares his story of an early design for a computer controlled traffic light that he and his team were working on. When the assembly department completed the build, the QA department wasn’t expecting the burn-in-test would be such an explosive experience.

What could have caused so much heat?

CapacitorsElectronic Fundamentals: Capacitors

Sometimes referred to as a Condenser the Capacitor is a simple device that is used to store energy in the form of an electrical charge. In Jameco’s Electronic Fundamentals feature we try to teach an electronics concept through a simple hands on project. This project will help you understand the theory of capacitors while building your very own capacitor tester using an Arduino Uno.

Build your own Capacitor Tester

Perfect Product DesignThe Perfect Product Design

A customer wrote me asking for some advice on how to take his product prototype to the next level. I’ve learned that engineers and marketers don’t think the same and approach problems very differently. An engineer designs the perfect product, but as the marketer, my interest is in finding a business strategy that might appeal to the masses.

Trust me I had lots to say!

DIY Definitely Not As PlannedDIY Definitely Not As Planned

We asked for stories about the project that didn't go as planned. It's what we're calling SIUBY (Screw-It-Up-By-Yourself). We enjoyed all of the stories that came in. There were so many that we'll just have to share them over the next few months!

Learning from your experiences

If you have a story to share, we're all ears! What was your first electronics experience that sparked your interest in the hobby, or tell us about a non-electronic technique that helped solve an electronics problem. Email us at [email protected].