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April 2017

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High Power Amp

It is all in the control system!

Electronics hobbyist Pete Juliano loves to build his own equipment. Recently he decided to "homebrew amp" using an Arduino Mega 2560. However, he did have to be careful of over temperature issues that could "smoke" his amp.

Building a high power amp to boost his signal.
Digital Braille

Digital Braille

We use more digital content than ever before – you’re probably reading this on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet right now. While technology for sighted people marches ahead a group from the University of Michigan is trying to give the blind access to all of this content by developing a digital Braille technology.

Creating Access for the Blind in a Digital World

ProtoDoughPrototyping Design Plastic

Do you ever dream of designing and creating 3D products of your own, but don't have the patience for a 3D printer? Turn those dreams into reality by using Jameco BenchPro ProtoDough! ProtoDough is just what it sounds like. It begins with the consistency of clay and allows you to mold your creation into a hard smooth plastic prototype.

Check out ProtoDough in action.

The SUIBY ChallengePCB Gone Bad

DIY (Do It Yourself) can sometimes turn into SIUBY (Screw It Up, By Yourself). We asked readers to share stories about that time when Do It Yourself didn't happen as planned. Customer Barry Steele shares his nightmare of a board gone... bad.

Did he solve the problem?