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April 2018

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Love of Electronics

Born with a Love for Electronics

Frank Demarest knew he had a passion for electronics when he was five. Much of what he learned as a youngster was self-taught through reading anything he could get his hands on. As he approaches retirement, he shares how extremely fortunate he has been.

It all started with batteries, lightbulbs and wires.

Take Security Into Your Own Hands

Radio frequency identification has been around for some time. Credit cards, time clocks, and toll booths are just the few of the many applications that have made use of this technology. With the RFID Security kit, you can add your own high-tech flair to your projects.

Build your own security light sensor.
Kuri Robot

A Real Live Robot

Advancements in technology have led to the emergence of several creative and innovative products that have made life easier compared to the past. The most amazing aspect of technology is that it constantly evolves, and different mind-blowing inventions are introduced on a daily basis. The recent technological invention that has been making waves in the tech environment is the “Kuri Home Robot”.

Life with Kuri

CensusElectronics Hobbyist Census

We thought we knew our hobbyists fairly well, but our survey participants shared some pretty shocking results. They provided us with more insight on the people who continue to spread enthusiasm for electronics. We have been getting lots of request for these results lately, so we thought we would share them again.

What surprised us most!

Deluxe KitsDeluxe Electronic Kits

The Jameco Deluxe Electronic Kits were designed expressly to anticipate what you'll need in an electronics emergency. They are lightweight, easy to carry, refillable and customizable.

You’ll never want to leave home without them!