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May 2017

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Alarm Clock

A New and Improved Alarm Clock

Find yourself late because you have a bad habit of hitting the snooze button on your alarm? Intern Megan Tung designed a project to solve that problem. However the project didn't go as smoothly as planned.

Never be late again... or so she thought.

Setting Sail Solo: A hacker's approach

What happens when you cross the concept of an autonomous car and a message in a bottle? For Pierce Nichols and his Seattle Hackerbot friends they ended up with an autonomous sail boat.

Around the world with no food and water
Solder Good Connection

Testing for Good Solder Connection

If not caught immediately a solder connection on a circuit board can turn into a real nightmare. Jameco customer John Mastromoro is sharing a very simple, inexpensive in creating a "good" solder connection.

The good solder connection idea.

Arduino Flasher KitArduino Flasher Kit

Eager to get started real live electronic programming? The Arduino platform is a great place to get started with real live electronic programming. Jameco's Product Manager, Ryan Winters, learned the basics of blinking LEDs however he challenged himself to go even further.

The challenge... build your own Arduino Flasher Kit