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June 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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PCB Pattern to a Component SchematicAssociate a PCB Pattern to a Component Schematic

If you've been working with the PCB Creator tool from Bay Area Circuits, you may have noticed that when converting your finished schematic to a layout that your components have magically disappeared. Product Manager Ryan Winters created a video to show you how to quickly and easily make sure your components are associated with a pattern.

Save yourself the headache when designing your own PCBs

Reinventing the RegeneratorMy Story: Reinventing the Regenerator

In the United States recycling batteries is the norm, but definitely not the case everywhere. In Trinidad and Tobago Ancel Bhagwandeen, with the help of a Jameco kit, discovered a better way to regenerate batteries that adapted to the challenges of his developing country.

Find out what's so different about recycling batteries in a developing country?

OopsElectronics Project Gone Bad

It was the perfect design, the perfect fix to solve a problem and you knew exactly what to do to solve it. However there are those moments you least expect and what happened next could only be the foundation for a new learning experience. These designer and DIYers put a notch in their learning belt and shared a few stories about not giving up, losing money and running into interference.

This definitely didn't turn out as planned.

LoveThe Security of Love

When can love foil evil? The answer is when a fax machine is involved. If this makes no sense to you, you'll love this story that involves old technology, new technology and how love foiled everything.

Love is the greatest security of all.

DIYPerfect Do-It-Yourself Products

What are you waiting for? Get started on your next electronics project today! We've pulled together a section of products that we think would be perfect for your next electronics projects.

Great project must-have products.