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June 2017

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Guitar AV Receiver Interface

Build Your Own Guitar AV Receiver Interface

With this kit you can build a filter to allow a guitar to be plugged directly into your home stereo receiver. Practice your skills on the fly without having to lug around a big amp.

Amplify your guitar and rock on!
Teaching Electronics

Teaching Electronics

How did you learn electronics? Two lecturers from Northwestern University set out to change the face of how electrical engineers are taught in a college environment. The result is something that won't surprise those of us who didn’t learn our electronics in a University setting.

Northwestern University takes a page out of the electronics hobbyist's playbook
IR Light

Learn how IR can be useful in electronics

Although it's invisible to the human eye, infrared (IR) light is very useful in electronics. A wide range of devices can be used with IR emitters and detectors, from simple object sensors to wireless data transmission.

Build an IR Light Barrier Kit with Collin Cunningham

Arduino Flasher KitTest Equipment People Love to Use

Two brothers who hated the electrical engineering tools they were working with decided to do something about it. They created a logic analyzer that was beautiful on the eyes but most importantly easy to use with an affordable cost.

Used by engineers, students and hobbyist from all over the world, Logic by Saleae has been used is a wide array of applications from satellites to submarines. Jameco is a proud distributor of Saleae products.

Logic analyzers that are powerful and easy-to-use.