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July 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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DIY: Programmable Keypad

Programmable Keypad Have you ever worked on building a circuit and had to scrounge around for a switch to wire to the breadboard, while at the same time holding on to it with one hand and pushing the switch with the other hand making sure the switch doesn't come loose while testing the circuit? This Club Jameco project scans a telephone keypad and provides eight open collector outputs for use in developing other electronic projects or for direct control.

This programmable keypad makes a handy third hand.

Balancing ActBalancing Act: Use drone technology to patrol your own home

The Rook is an indoor drone designed to be controlled from your cell phone from anywhere. This feature-packed invention will hit the market shortly, but the team creating this project isn't your typical start up.

What's so unusual about this company that began by wanting to drive the cat crazy?

A Passion for Ham RadioMy Story: A Passion for Ham Radio

If amateur radio operator Al Donkin had given up when he didn't pass his ham radio exam, he might have wound up living a completely different life. He didn't know it at the time but looking back, he was pretty amazed at how good life became when he followed his passion.

How a love for electronics influenced this amateur radio operator's entire life.

Tech Tales

Tech Tales Our technical support team helps customer's everyday source products, troubleshoot projects and answer questions. Some questions and solutions may be repetitive however some stand out from the rest. This Tech Tale involves a group of young engineers, a NASCAR internship and a very sensitive track bar.

Track bar changes could drastically change the movement of a car if not done properly.