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July 2017

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Project Daffodil

A Pop-up Adventure With Dragons, Princesses... and Circuits

By embedding circuits into the pages of their princess books powered by a 3D dragon, Project Daffodil hopes to change the perception of electronics as a "boy thing". By reading these books, kids learn key concepts about circuits, switches and resistors to foster their interest in STEAM.

The Journey of Project Daffodil
LED Dot Matrix Displays

Working with LED Dot Matrix Displays

A dot-matrix display is a device that is used to display information. It uses lights arranged in rectangular configuration to display text or graphics when programmed. Here is an easy way to teach the basics of using LED dot matrix displays with microcontrollers.

The Dot Matrix Driver Circuit
Power Cord

The History of the Power Cord

Nowadays, getting power to your devices really is just as simple as plugging something into a wall outlet, but it certainly took some time and effort to get to that point. Our friends at wanted to share an infographic they created on the history of the power cord.

Grab a seat, plug in, and read on to learn more!

Arduino PrimArduino: Now with Nordic RF52 Processor

The Primo packs a Nordic nRF52 processor, the wildly-popular Espressif ESP8266 WiFi and battery charger into the standard-sized Arduino board. The Primo Core is a coin-sized version that is suited for low-power wearable applications. The Nordic chip provides Bluetooth Smart (BLE 4.0) and NFC-A tag functions so you can develop your next IoT project.

Are you ready for the new Arduino Primo?