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August 2015

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Engineering JobLessons Learned: My First Engineering Job

J. Bart Henthorn was always fascinated with electronics. When he applied for his first engineering job he was probably one of the least qualified out of the 37 candidates due to his lack of experience and schooling. He got the job but never imagined it would end up teaching him valuable lessons expanding well beyond engineering.

The challenge would be not getting fired right away!

SolarDIY: Solar Power Supply Project

Take control of your power requirements with this handy and easy to build solar power supply. It's a perfect kit for beginners to build and is an all-in-one power solution. Harness the power of the sun and ditch battery power altogether.

Fun in the sun just took on a whole new meaning.

TellspecWorld's First Food Decoder

Imagine a device that determines the calories and ingredients of food. Utilizing spectroscopy, deep learning algorithms and bio-informatics, TellSpec has the potential to positively impact millions of lives creating a healthier world with informed choices. Find out the story behind this innovative device.

Taking TellSpec down the path to production wasn't a cake walk.

RelayElectronics Tip: Wiring an SSR

Wiring a solid state relay (SSR) can be a bit confusing at times. Jameco Technical Support Team member Arnold Pena describes the benefits of using an SSR and put together a handy diagram so that you will never be confused again.

Need to know how to wire an SSR? Look no further.

VideoAmerican Electronics Hobbyists

Jameco conducted the Great American Electronics Hobbyist Census – A study focusing on discovering the inner workings of electronics hobbyists. After collecting over 1700 inputs from hobbyists across the country, we learned some fascinating tidbits about all of you.

The most surprising results are in the Hobbyist Census video.

Wire CutterWire Tool Buyer's Guide

Have you ever tried using a screwdriver as a hammer? How about using your teeth to strip wire? Not a good idea. MacGyver had to improvise when desperate times called for desperate measures, but getting a job done right without sacrificing your project requires the proper tools. Jameco has broken down wire tools in this buyer’s guide so that your project turns out just right.

Cutters, crimpers, strippers, pliers... what to use when?

Magnet Opposites Attract: Readers' Magnet Stories

We shared a "magnetic" tale that described the awesome power of magnets, but what we didn't realize were how many fascinating magnet stories our readers had to tell. Many came in the form of "human versus magnet" and while the humans often won, those same humans are shaking their heads today about the risk they took. Each of the stories share a common theme: the power of magnets needs to be respected.

You'll want to read these "magnetic" stories!