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August 2016

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Motor Capacitor Meter

DIY: Handyman Motor Capacitor Meter

Any handyman or homeowner when troubleshooting a problem with an appliance may occasionally need to test motor-run capacitors. This electronics project enables you to test even when there is no cap meter at hand. All you need is a simple clamp meter and a power source to easily test and get capacitor readings.

Perfect for testing fans, air conditioners and everything in between.

Bipedal Walking RobotMy Story: Building a Bipedal Walking Robot

Back in the 90s Mark Miller got a crazy idea to design a robot that walked like a person. Up to that point most robots rolled, crawled or ran on tracks. Amongst some interesting challenges, his passion to build a walking robot lasted over 10 years.

How the Bipedal Walking Stormtrooper was born.

555 Timer555 Timer Tutorial

Due to its ease of use and low cost the 555 timer chip has been used in thousands of applications over the last 40 years. It's still very popular and widely available. This tech tip from Jameco customer Philip Kane will show you how to configure a standard 555 IC to perform two of its most common functions.

It's amazing this classic has been around for so many years.

Urgent: Read this Unimportant Article

Unimportant Article Stop everything. This is super urgent. And I did.

What I failed to ask was if it was both urgent and important. Organizations that are run based on what's urgent often miss what’s important. While this may seem obvious, most organizations fail to prioritize what’s important over what’s urgent.

The quest to stay focused on what's important without being rude.