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September 2015

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Security CameraFighting fIRe with IR

What started out as a method of protection against neighborhood robberies ended up escalating into a war between neighbors. Leave it to our Product Manager Ryan to come up with an IR solution that just might save the day.

How can an IR floodlight affect security cameras?

SolarBuild a Decorative Solar Lamp

Want to build a project that is functional and artistic? A few hours of your time and some basic electronics skills are all you need to make this project shine.

This DIY solar lamp will enhance any outdoor space.

RebarCalling All Designers! We Need Your Help!

Jameco customer Greg Miller wrote to us with a question regarding how to best uncover a piece of re-bar buried in his yard. He needs to create some sort of "magnetic locator" to help him find it and we're counting on you, the experts of our community to help.

Help solve the excavation puzzle.

Science BuddiesScience Buddies: Sparking Science Interests

Each year millions of students are required to complete a science fair project. Kenneth Hess, founder of Science, discovered that the most difficult part of the science fair project was not formulating a hypothesis or analyzing the data but actually picking the project. He went on to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and their families come up with great ideas.

The toughest part of a science fair project is now easy.

Raspberry Pi 2Product Review: Get up to Speed on the New Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Raspberry Pi has brought about amazing DIY projects ranging from astrophotography to vegetable instruments to retro game consoles and its low cost allows anyone to jumpstart their own creations. We've reviewed the new Raspberry Pi 2 and let you know what you can expect from the most recent model.

Find out what's new with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B?