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September 2016

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Engineering the Perfect Shot of Espresso

Gabriele Gorla, a longtime engineer and coffee lover, took issue with the imprecise temperature regulation system in his off-the-shelf espresso maker. As espresso aficionados will tell you, the brewing temperature is crucial for a quality shot of espresso and the system just wasn’t good enough for Gabriele. His response? He redesigned and rebuilt his machine.

Electronics saves the perfect cup of coffee.

PyrographyDIY: Pyrography Writing with Fire

Interest in pyrography skyrocketed in the Victorian era when the first pyrography machines were invented. Pyrography is the form of creating art by applying burn marks to wood. It is an inexpensive and fun way to design and with a little imagination you’ll be able to create unique one-of-a-kind designs. Learn how to make your own pyrography tool.

Personalize your woodworking projects.

GraveyardTech Tales: The Graveyard Memorial Project

Our technical support team helps customers everyday source products, troubleshoot and answer questions. This Tech Tale involves a Bay Area sculptor, a small town in Germany and a newly discovered graveyard. This project may have been scarier than the actual graveyard.

Definitely a memorable PA System project.

How it Works: The Fitbit

Are you debating whether to invest in a Fitbit? Find out how it works and what Jameco's researcher thinks about the decice.

Is a Fitbit worth the money?

Portable 5V with USB portHot Club Jameco Kit: Mini Portable 5V with USB port

This Club Jameco project uses a USB-A female cable as an output of 5V while a male power jack connector is utilized as an input of 9V. Assembling together creates the perfect input/output cable.

Build this kit.
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