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September 2017

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Basic Headphone Amplifier

Basic Headphone Amplifier Kit

One of the most widespread applications of the op amp in consumer electronics is the headphone amplifier. Most digital gadgets capable of playing music contain a headphone amplifier for personal listening. The Basic Headphone Amplifier Kit demonstrates the concept of using a single supply AC coupled non-inverting op amp circuit and quality components to create a better sounding & reliable amplifier.

Produce high volume levels through typical headphones
Lifetime of Learning Electronics

A Lifetime of Learning Electronics

Being open-minded, curious, listening and learning from others is how Jameco customer Bruce Blizzard learned electronics. He then took his practical education to college and learned even more. However he mostly learned electronics from being his Dad’s son, "The Kid."

One simple investment lasted him a lifetime.
Lytro Camera

How it Works: Lytro Camera

Have you ever taken a picture and later wanted to change what was in focus? Well, now you can with the Lytro Camera. The Lytro Camera gives a whole new definition to a basic point-and-shoot camera.

Change focus after you take the picture.

Velleman Arduino-Compatible ProductsVelleman Arduino-Compatible Products

I/O is a new line of open source Arduino-compatible products developed by Velleman. The platform is intended for anyone, including children, who have the desire to build their dreams into a reality. Arduino hardware can interact with its environment using built-in and add-on sensors. Velleman offers 100% Arduino-compatibility creating a more affordable alternative to the platform.

What would you build?

Basic Encoder KitHot Club Jameco Kit: Basic Encoder Kit

This project was developed to teach you what an encoder is. With 9 switches and 15 diodes, you can construct an encoder and monitor it with 4 LEDs for observing the codes from 1 to 9.

Build this kit.
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