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October 2015

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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HoffmanMy Story: Going Big with Electronics

Watching a beer commercial inspired Keith Hoffman to take his holiday decorating to the next level. Although the family had Halloween decorating down to a science, their Christmas decorations were sweet and simple. He convinced his wife that a two hour long Christmas light and music show was exactly what they needed to convince the neighbors that they weren't devil worshipers but you can try his technique to liven any holiday.

Find out just how over the top holiday decorating can get.

HalloweenDIY Motion Sensing Ghost: Bring Life to Your Halloween

For many, Halloween is a fun time of year, but for the electronics enthusiast, it can be even more thrilling. We've found a great Halloween-themed kit that's inexpensive and simple to build. The Peek-a-BOO ghost sits idly until someone walks by, then it springs to "life" and uncovers its eyes in a round of post-mortem peek-a-boo. You can exercise your programming skills to adjust the timing of the ghost's movements or have the ghost make spooky sounds with this Arduino-based project.

Startle your friends with the motion sensing ghost.

OzoneForrest Mims III Puzzler Challenge

The ozone indicated by a government monitor was 20 times too high. An amateur scientist was challenged by his boss to design a new way to measure ozone as accurately as possible.

How would you measure ozone?

ArtecProduct Review: An Introduction to Robotics and Programming with This Line Tracing Kit

ArTec Educational's Programmable Robot Line Tracing Kit is a great way to introduce beginners to electronics and programming. This simple kit uses optical sensors to follow a line drawn course. Learn all about this kit in our review.

Draw your own unique course and watch the robot roam.

Evil MadEvil Mad Science: A Little Mad, a Tiny Bit Evil, but Full of Fun!

Some may say you have to be a little mad to jump from creating hobby projects to a full-fledged business, but Evil Mad Science did just that. Evil Mad Science makes kits that merge electronics, fun, and ingenuity, while helping to build the next generation of evil mad scientists.

A business providing DIY and open-source hardware for art, education and world domination.

Revolar From Teacher to CEO: One Maker's Success Story

What started as a personal endeavor to keep her little sister safe ended up turning into a successful startup. A Colorado teacher with zero electronics experience was able to develop an innovative personal safety device.

A novice rocks the technology world.

Re-bar Our Readers Chimed in to Solve the Excavation Puzzle

Jameco customer Greg Miller reached out to the Jameco to community to help him solve his re-bar excavation challenge. He needed to identify his property line by uncovering a piece of buried re-bar stuck in concrete. Conventional metal detectors hadn't gotten him very far, but with your help he now has some new and very unique ideas to try.

Find out what Jameco readers suggested to find the buried re-bar.