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October 2016

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Motion Triggered Room Light

Motion Triggered Room Light

Build a power switch that is controlled by a motion detector and light sensor. This simple project can be used to turn the lights in a room on and off with movement but it can also control other household appliances because it is built with an ordinary household extension cord.

Reduce your energy bill with this simple project.

Arduino ExplorationMy Story: Arduino Exploration

When Teague Chrystie began his exploration into the world of Arduino, he knew absolutely nothing about programming or electronics. Yet something drew him to Arduino, a development platform that combines electrical engineering and software. And so Teague bought a beginner's guide to Arduino and set off to develop a project.

Read how an Arduino beginner transformed a popular board game into a man vs. computer challenge.

Politicians Were SilentThe Night the Politicians Were Silent

The collective noise generated by the US presidential election can be deafening at times. Greg recently heard an interesting story where electronic components came to the rescue and silenced the politicians and saved us from all the fighting.

Electronic components take center stage in a presidential election.

Halloween Special – Exploding Pumpkins

We had a pumpkin carving contest and carved some really cool pumpkins for Halloween. We needed to get rid of them and the best idea we came up with was to blow them up.

Check out our chemical reaction!