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October 2017

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Li-Ion Cell Battery Charger

Li-Ion Cell Battery Charger Project

Li-Ion cells and polymer packs are currently only available from a few sources. They come in a very large range of ampere-hour capacities and have very few options for recharging them. This kit enables the user to use, and recharge, a broad spectrum of the latest rechargeable battery technologies.

Build the LiBaC Kit and perform safe charging.
Ordinary Pumpkin

Definitely Not an Ordinary Pumpkin

After watching this video, we know you'll want to build one of your own pumpkins for Halloween! Perfect for props, parties and events, the Halloween Pumpkin by Velleman will surely not disappoint.

Check out our eerie video of the Velleman LED Pumpkin.

Magnetic Fields as an MRI Tech Intern

Natalie Van Sistine was entering her second year of college when she was accepted as an intern for manufacturing plant that built and repaired MRI machines. Her first few weeks filled her with amazement and terror of the power of these mighty machines. She learned very quickly the first time she passed out in one.

When she woke up she couldn't help but laugh.

Tesla's AutopilotHow it Works: Tesla's Autopilot

Tesla's Autopilot feature is a combination of two technologies: adaptive cruise control and auto-steer (lane departure assistance). Learn about how this high-tech car is able to nearly drive itself!

Experience a new driving phenomenon.

Mean WellCompetitive Pricing on MEAN WELL Power Supplies

Jameco's Product Marketing team constantly works on making sure that they are competitive on pricing throughout Jameco's entire product line. Their latest initiative is making sure they are the low price leader in the industry with MEAN WELL power supplies.

Save even more on MEAN WELL Power Products..