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November 2015

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Nixie ClockMy Story: Nixie Clock Resurrection

Long time Jameco customer Steve Dryja loves anything Nixie. Although he thought he was purchasing two Nixie clocks in an online auction, he ended up with Nixie tubes instead. Being a ham radio operator, Steve wanted clocks to keep both GMT and local time. He started a project to add clock logic to his tubes.

Find out how Steve transformed his Nixie tubes.

DroneProduct Feature: How Drones Work

Have you witnessed a drone in flight? Their maneuvers appear effortless but there's a whole lot going on underneath their cover. We put our intern to the test to find out just what it takes to pull off those crafty maneuvers.

Can you name the technologies that a drone employs?

PiDIY: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Touchscreen Radio

Raspberry Pi has taken the hobbyist market by storm by providing high functionality at a low cost. Product Marketing Engineer Mark Casilang is a newbie to the Pi world, but he found a great introductory touchscreen radio project using the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B that helped him dive right in.

You need to try this RPi touchscreen radio project.

FutureThe Future of Hobby Electronics

The mysteries the future holds are often pondered. Electronics have become ever-present in modern societies, but it wasn't long ago that electronics as a hobby was said to be fading fast. We wanted to know what the experts, electronics hobbyists, think is in store for the future of their beloved hobby. Is it heading toward its demise or is there an entirely new world just beginning?

Find out what's in store for the next generation of electronics hobbyists.

Hiccup ModeElectronics Tip: Resolving Power Supply Hiccup Mode

Technical Support has received a few calls about a fault condition on multiple output power supplies known as hiccup mode, where a no load causes the power supply to shut off and restart again. In this tech tip we explain hiccup mode and how to resolve it.

Find out how to get a power supply out of hiccup mode.

Face The Face of Jameco

It's not unusual for customers visiting the San Francisco Bay Area to find themselves driving down the freeway and nearly drive off the road with excitement when they see the Jameco sign. Some visitors pull off the road and walk through Jameco's front door, but beginning this month what they see will look different than it has looked at any time during the past 20 years.

The face of Jameco has changed forever.