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November 2016

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Temperature Measurement with NTC Thermistors

So you think you know about thermistors? Do you know the difference between a PTC and an NTC? Do you know what each acronym stands for or how to interpret the specifications for a thermistor? Do you know why NTCs are commonly used to measure temperature in microcontroller-based applications?

Everything you need to know about NTC thermistors... test your knowledge.

Tricycles Aren't for Little Kids Anymore

When most of us were growing up, the tricycle was our very first mode of transportation and after mastering the trike, we had our eye on dropping a wheel and moving up to a bicycle. Apparently that's not the case today as teenagers looking for fun may be drawn toward the sport of "drift triking", but when one teen got the idea of adding a motor to his drift trike, the design and build became a family project.

Watch what happens when Dad jumps in to help design a motorized drift trike.

Programmable QR CodeDIY: LED Matrix Programmable QR Code

It takes a smart device to read the secret messages hidden in a Quick Response (QR) code. These splotchy squares are everywhere and have been designed to eliminate the need for a keyboard. We took the QR concept to the next level by designing an expandable, programmable LED QR code.

Are you up for a building challenge?

Unusual Call VolumesSorry for the delay, we're experiencing
unusual call volumes"

Greg is anything but polite when he rails on this all too common hold message.
Give Greg a moment or two to vent, and then he wants to hear you vent as well.

Here's what you can do with your "unusual call volumes."
Sleep Machine

Unravelling the Sleep Machine

Many people rarely get a good night's sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause diabetes, high blood pressure and mental distress. One of the most common sleeping disorders is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the tongue blocks the airway while sleeping. However it can be treated using a CPAP machine.

What's a CPAP and how does it work?