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January 2014

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Sensor Kit

Build Your Own Alarm

This project is a great way to learn about sensors. The kit let's you build your own Arduino-controlled alarm that employs a variety of different sensors in the process. The kit also gives you a variety of ways to “sound the alarm.”

How many sensors will it take to set off your alarm?

New Year Predictions for 3D Printing

3D printing scores huge points for its potential and for just being cool. Many of us could sit and watch it do its magic for hours, but how long before 3D printing is something everyone can do at home? Step into the future as we explore 3D printing at home.

You might be surprised what HP Labs said about the future of 3D printing.
3D Printer Review

Build Your Own 3D Printer from Scratch

The Velleman K8200 3D Printer has been an incredibly popular and inexpensive 3D printer, but our customers have shared a lot of feedback about their assembly struggles. This kit comes with 40 bags of components, so we tasked Jameco's Ben Lopez with the project to see just how challenging it is to build your own 3D printer.

Engaging challenge or assembly nightmare?

Not Just Child's Play

Remember the game Operation? If you had a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination, this popular board game allowed you to play doctor with an electrified patient. One wrong move, however, and your patient was toast! Florida Robotics founders and Jameco customers Fay and Russ Martin decided to super-size the game.

What happens when you cross a robotic arm with a 60s board game?

Hiring Great People at Jameco

By Greg Harris Greg Corner

At some point, most of us will be a candidate seeking employment. Unless you are a seasoned sales or marketing professional, you probably aren't an expert in selling or marketing yourself when you look for a job. Most of us just don't do it enough to get good at it. There is one thing you must know about interviewing for a job that's more important than any other tip you might learn. So in an open letter to every future candidate, including future Jameco candidates, I would like to share with you the key to getting a job.

What most job seekers fail to do that kills their chances.
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