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July 2012

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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QR Code

Build Your Own LED QR Code

Instead of a decoder ring, it takes a smartphone to read the secret messages hidden in a Quick Response (QR) code. These splotchy squares are popping up everywhere – even on the roof of Facebook headquarters. Designed to eliminate the need for a keyboard, QR codes typically direct readers to websites, phone numbers or addresses. Jameco Product Manager Ryan Winters took the QR concept to the next level by designing an expandable, programmable LED QR code. Best of all, it's really cool looking.

Unlock the secret behind the QR message.
Electronics Quiz

Electronics IQ: Circuit Symbols Quiz

Do you know what these electronic circuit symbols stand for? Let us know how smart you are!

Test your electronics IQ.
E Bike

My Story: The Electric Bike

Robert Eastman often struggles with finding a good project during the long Maine winters, but his story about converting his bicycle into an electric bike was enough to warm any do-it-yourselfer. The highlight of the build was his treasure hunt for components, but now his battery powered bike is turning lots of heads.

Learn how Eastman electrified his ride.
Cyclops Walkbot

Cyclops Walkbot | Designed by BobTwiggs

Club Jameco will quickly become the definitive source for every imaginable electronics project under the sun. Here's one of the first customer designs by BobTwiggs. The Cyclops Walkbot is a fun and fast table-top bot. This is a beginner level project perfect for a supervised young hobbyist. The kit builds a little critter with a vibrating motor that gives it a happy hop.

Simple Cyclops Walker Build.

What's An Idea Worth?

Greg Harris By Greg Harris

Many of Jameco's customers know a lot about designing new technology. There are things like copyrights and patents to protect intellectual property, but there is no way to effectively protect a business idea. That makes ideas all but worthless.

Jameco has seen its ideas mimicked and copied over the years by competitors. While flattering, flattery doesn't pay the bills. Instead of getting mad, however, we decided to get even and found a way for your ideas to make some money for you.

Read about Jameco's original idea borrowed from others.

Workshops, Workbenches and Storage, Oh My!

Workbench The saying, "begin at the beginning" is never more true than in the workshop. As professionals and hobbyists alike know, the workbench is where it all begins – where the magic happens. Take a virtual tour of Jameco customer Andy Frey's workshop. It's highly organized for its tight space and it may give you some ideas to incorporate into your own work space!

Did your workshop make it to our updated Workshop Hall of Fame?

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]