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June 2010

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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The New Catalog...

Jameco Catalog 102 As we approach the summer solstice we suspect that Jameco's electronics hobbyist community is increasingly spending longer hours in the garage creating the next big thing. We hope you'll take the time to share your creation with the Jameco community by submitting your electronics project and photos to [email protected] and all published stories will get a $50 Jameco gift certificate.

By now you should have received the latest Jameco catalog. If not, click here to order your free copy. We feature hundreds of new products, have added 4 pages, reduced product and shipping prices and feature the Large Hadron Collider on the cover.

Summer Reading...

Forrest Mims We just added the Forrest M. Mims III collection of books to the store and recommend them for any electronics reading list.
But we also thought you might like to read about Jameco in the News. Jameco's customer service strategy was featured in Electronic Design News (EDN) and we liked everything but the picture of a certain VP of Marketing!

We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter. Let us know what you think or if you have any story ideas for future months.

Greg Harris
Vice President, Marketing
[email protected]
IQ Test

Test Your IQ

When was the first fax machine invented?

A: 1846
B: 1946
C: 1963

See how you did...
Forrest Mims Puzzler

A Forrest M. Mims III Puzzler

Amateur electronic musician Joe Rhythm is planning a one-man video concert that he plans to post on YouTube. Controlling his array of instruments requires both hands and he wants to build a pressure-sensitive tone generator that he can control with a free finger or even an elbow or foot. Joe quickly whipped up a simple tone generator using parts from his bench stock. Since there wasn't enough time to order a pressure sensor, he improvised by making one from materials he had on hand.

What did he use? See if you got it right.
Make Video

DIY: Function Generator

The world's most famous electronics hobbyist, Collin Cunningham, has done it again with a step-by-step project that demonstrates how to create an electronics enclosure. In this episode Collin builds a function generator.

See how simple it is to build your own function generator.
A Ratty Customer Story

A Ratty Customer Story

Working at Jameco is always fascinating if we simply ask customers "what are you going to use this for?" We recently did just that with IITC Life Science. Like Jameco, IITC is a family-run company founded in the early 70s. IITC Life Science provides equipment for the animal laboratory industry.

Read more about this recognized ruler of the rodent realm.

Extech Meters Employed in the Gulf of Mexico

Jameco supplier, Extech made news recently when its instruments were used to monitor the environmental impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Extech is one of the largest suppliers of test and measurement equipment.

Read more about Extech's role.
Robogames 2010

RoboGames 2010

Imagine grown electronics experts using their talent to destroy other people's electronic creations. Is this some kind of crazy band of criminals? No, just the annual RoboGames event that pits robot against robot. Jameco was thrilled to be a part of this year's RoboGames event and assigned Shalin Shah to scope out the scene.

Check out what he found at RoboGames 2010.