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June 2013

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Coaster Bot

Jameco Challenge: Design Your Own Bot!

How creative are you? Do you think you could design a robot using a CD or DVD as the main body platform? Try your hand at our CoasterBot challenge this summer. Learn more about how to participate and win prizes!

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Living Dangerously: Designing a Quadcopter

By Key Gracey, President of Parallax

"First blood" occurred when Matt's Quadcopter flew into his face on Christmas Eve. What sounds like a great opening line for a novel is actually one of the safety incidents recorded during the months of product testing for the ten pound Quadcopter from Parallax. For over a year, the development team analyzed component quality, workmanship and operator error to get their popular drone ready to safely command the skies.

The Parallax team put their lives on the line to test their drone.

DIY Project: Outdoor Motion Light

By Ryan Winters

Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Recently Jameco needed to replace an exterior light that kept failing despite numerous swapped ballasts and bulbs. The cost of yet another exterior LED light was high enough that the Jameco team decided to tap our in-house experts for a complete circuit re-design. We got real excited about being able to design a new circuit for our own needs!

However we couldn't just replace the light... we took it much further.

Product Update: A Solder Tip or Two

Anyone can solder, but not everyone can do it well. It takes more than just touching tin wire with a hot iron and the skill involved is clearly displayed by the results. Today's soldering irons make soldering like a pro much easier than ever before.

Solder like an expert and check out the deal on measurement and test equipment
My Story

The Jameco Newsletter Needs You

Over the years, our best features have been submitted by our readers. Your stories are more interesting than anything we could write. How can you intrigue our readers?

What project are you working on? Tell us about you latest electronics challenges (much more interesting than the successes). What is happening in the classroom or lab? How did you get hooked on electronics? How has your interest in electronics changed over the years? How did you nearly blow up your garage?

Send your story to [email protected]

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]

Club Jameco Projects

Analog Guitar Overdrive Pedal
A solid-state overdrive/distortion pedal for guitars and other instruments. Choose optional components to deliver tones for blues, rock or metal. Or build an effect that is uniquely your own!

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Tech Tips: "Not a bent pin!"

By Ken Kashmarek

You are swapping computer components and just before you join the connectors – "Ach!!!" – you spot a bent pin. You can't bend it back and risk breaking it and spending hundreds of dollars for a replacement part. The risk is even greater if the computer is thirteen years old and the parts are obsolete.

The clever workaround that saved the day!
Jameco Catalog 132

Catalog Cover Features World's Largest LED Sculpture

By now you should have received the new Jameco product catalog. If you haven't, order yours today.

Jameco's latest catalog cover features the San Francisco Bay Bridge's electronic makeover. The sculpture that includes 25,000 white LEDs, 100,000 feet of cabling and 60,000 zip ties adorns the bridge's vertical supports, creating an animated light experience for viewers around the bay.

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Oh Yes We Did!

Customers asked for it and we listened. Jameco now accepts PayPal for all purchases. Of course we still accept credit cards and other forms of payment, but we know that many prefer to use PayPal.

Now shopping is even more secure!