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March 2010

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Due to Unusually High Call Volumes

Greg I'm tired of hearing the message, "due to unusually high call volumes your hold time may be longer than normal." I get this message all the time. Is it just me? Do companies understand that if it happens all the time it's not "unusual"?

If these companies were telling the truth, the message would probably say, "due to an unreasonably high requirement to deliver a profit, we've extended your hold time." Maybe I'm just cranky, but last weekend I called to activate a credit card and they hung up on me three times before finally completing the activation 20 minutes later!

Jameco has been taking phone calls for 35 years. We have no "push 1" or "push 2" instructions. Just real people on the other end of the phone. In truth we have been having unusually high call volumes lately, but we're also in the process of hiring more people so we hope you won't notice.

What makes Jameco different is that if we frustrate you for some reason, there is always a member of the management team around to speak to just ask for us. Alternatively, feel free to drop me a note at the e-mail address below. I always like compliments, but frankly they are not nearly as important as when a customer gives me an opportunity for us to improve.

Greg Harris
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected].

Featured Manufacturer

LiteOn Jameco is proud to carry products from Lite-On Inc., one of the world's largest optoelectronic component manufacturers.

View all Lite-On products available at Jameco here.
Strategies In Light

Strategies In Light

We had a great idea. A high power LED went off above our heads and we decided to send Jameco Product Manager Shalin Shah to the Strategies in Light trade show last month and he shares his professional and personal highlights from the show. Strategies in light is the longest-running and the largest high-brightness LED show.

Click here to see what's new in the light market.
Etch Circuitboard

Etch Your Own Circuit Board

Our friends at Make Magazine put together a fun how-to video which teaches you how to etch your own circuit board. While this may sound like a big leap for some, Make's Collin Cunningham makes it easy.

View Jameco's video daily double here.

House Brand vs. Name Brand

House Brand vs. Name Brand In this month's product update we cover two new products: Alkaline batteries and a new robotics kit. Our new batteries are priced far below anything else we could find out there, but we wondered how well would they stack up to the name brand batteries we carry? Find out if the house brand battery can hold its own against that annoying Energizer bunny.

What better way to test the new batteries than to use the new Parallax Stringray Robot which conveniently runs on six AA batteries. The Stingray is a great way for any robotic minded person to build their own.

Check out our review of low cost batteries and the Stingray Robot.

Make Your Own Thermostat

Thermostat Jameco reader Pepos Dounson is forever tinkering and got frustrated that those store-bought thermostats could be costing money by not keeping accurate track of the in-room temperatures. Read about his simple guidelines to make your own precision thermostat and give yourself ultimate control over the temperature in your house.

You too can supercharge your home thermostat.

Please don't hesitate to share your invention or project with the Jameco community. It's a great way to show off your solutions to every day problems. Submit your story to [email protected].

Sit, Data Classifier, Sit!

Data Classifiers Data Classifiers have been in popular use since the 1960s and today are applied in everything from the medical field to telecommunications. Now, according to an article by Kiri Wagstaff of Caltech and Dominic Mazzoni of Google, Inc. published in NASA Tech Briefs, data classifiers are learning to become more efficient through a form of on-the-job training.

Learn about recognizing relevant and rejecting irrelevant data.