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March 2012

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Jameco Challenge: Male and Female Connectors

Connector Gender By Ryan Winters

Think you can tell a male from a female? Me too, but when the two connectors pictured here arrived on my desk, I was in for a surprise. I looked, I plugged, I unplugged and I looked again. I still had no idea which was the male or female connector. Thankfully I'm not the only one who is gender challenged. My personal research generated a 50-50 split. Quite frankly we're not sure, but we hope you can help.

Help us gain some gender clarity and label these connectors.

My Story: FCC Takes Bionic Stride with Cognitive Radio

Cognitive Radio By Stanley Jungleib

With one ruling, the FCC may have changed the face of mobile communication of the future. Medical devices, long confined within hard-wired circuitry implants, can now stretch out into the less limited world of wireless. Miniature wireless medical devices may soon be used to bridge the gap in damaged nerve circuitry, restoring movement to idle limbs or repairing optical and audio nerves. Steve Austin, are you out there?

Catch a glimpse of the future with cognitive radio.

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]

DIY: RFID Kit with Security Light

RFID Kit By Robert Cong

We encounter radio frequency identification technology everyday. Swiping a credit card, buzzing through electronic toll lanes, buying groceries – they all utilize RFID technology. This DIY Velleman RFID kit is perfect to hone your prototyping and soldering skills. It can store up to 25 tags and provides excellent security for business, home, car or pet doors.

Secure your stuff with this RFID project.

Excellence Has a Name

Greg Corner By Greg Harris

You don't survive 38 years in business without developing a few company traditions along the way. One of Jameco's traditions is to honor one person each year as our Supervisor of the Year. This year we honored our Customer Service Manager, Yvette Washington, who was instrumental in turning a crazy idea into a serious Jameco advantage.

Help me celebrate Yvette's success and get the recipe for Jameco's Customer Service "Secret Sauce".

Everyone at Jameco tries hard to please our customers, but we're not perfect. My e-mail address is below; if you have feedback about our customer service (good or bad) please let me know.

Tech Tip: The Wire Wrap Rap

Wire Wrap By Ryan Winters

Best thing since sliced bread? Better! Wire wrapping tools have been around forever, but I never knew what they did. Someone in the Jameco Tech Dept finally enlightened me, and my electronic designing life hasn't been the same since. This handy, inexpensive tool is essential for any prototyping workbench. Add one or more to your tool box to begin designing the cleanest, fastest, and completely fume-less protoboards.

Add fire power to your electronic design arsenal with a wrapper!

Arduino: New Products Give Projects New Smarts

Arduino By Robert Cong

Arduino is the little project brain that has taken the electronics world by storm. We have a broad selection of the latest Arduino products that can control projects in everything from robots, to hand-held games, musical instruments, even photography. Your imagination is the only limitation with Arduino. It's a snap to get started - get yours today with our limited time special offer.

Get your special Arduino offer for a limited time!