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March 2014

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Snapping Code Together

Arduino Code Reusable Modules for Arduino Programming Reusable code eliminates the need for rewriting code, often called “routines.” Being able to plug pieces of code together like you might solder components down on a PCB inspired Phil Kane to create reusable modules for Arduino programming. Not only would it create a faster prototyping and development process, but it would be the beginning of crafting a massive library of reusable software.

The experiment resulted in some cool code.
Ham Ham Ham World

Calling All Hams... We need your help!

Jameco receives lots of emails from self-proclaimed hams. The term “ham” piqued the curiosity of Jameco’s Nadia Alvarado. She decided to look into its origin and her simple search turned into a history lesson that left her hanging. If one thing is clear, it's that this community likes to lend a helping hand.

Can you help Nadia complete her education in ham radio?
Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Soldering for Absolute Beginners

When Jameco's Greg Harris declared he would finally roll up his sleeves and learn how to solder, he asked for advice from Jameco readers. He received dozens of responses with helpful tips for beginners like him.

The tips that kept Greg out of the emergency room.
Jameco Challenge

The Jameco Challenge: There Ought to Be a Product That…

Every night, Greg Harris' son falls asleep with the lights on while sitting in bed working on his laptop. There has to be a better way! Do you have an innovative solution to his problem?

Greg needs your help engineering a solution to a recurring problem.

Bare Conductive's New Technology

Bare Conductive Turn Anything into an Electronic Surface

Electric Paint is a viable cold solder repair strategy that can easily be used to turn almost any surface into an electronic interface. However, just a few years ago, the founders of Bare Conductive were told their product had no practical purpose.

Can you think of practical uses for Bare Conductive's new technology?