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May 2010

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Lower Shipping Rates

Lower Freight Prices

Thank you to all of the readers who took the time to write us last month. We were thrilled to learn this newsletter is so well read and many of you had some very nice words about this newsletter including one crusty old engineer who wrote, "I don't have time to read your damn newsletter, but every month you have something interesting and I'm upset about how much time you've made me waste." We're sorry about wasting anyone's time, but encourage you to help waste the time of your friends and colleagues by forwarding this newsletter!

I'm excited to announce that we've lowered our freight prices effective immediately. While we've always had very low overnight and second day express prices relative to our competitors, some of you suggested we could be more competitive on our ground freight prices. So, we took your advice and have redesigned our check out process to make finding the lowest price easier than ever. Check out our new prices at

As always we love our e-mail. Whether you have a suggestion for a product, a submission for the newsletter or a complaint about our service, we welcome all your e-mail and I look forward to responding personally.

Greg Harris
Vice President of Marketing
[email protected]

Featured Manufacturer: The Ardweeny

The smallest Arduino you can build yourself with through-hole components!

The Ardweeny fits on the back of the included ATmega328, taking up no more valuable breadboard space than the microcontroller itself!

Find out more here.

Helping Hands

Helping HandThis month's contributed story is simpler than most. No fancy schematics. No step-by-step instructions. No extensive list of electronic components to buy (we're sad about that one). But reader John Mastromoro from Saint Johnsville, New York, has done nothing less than solve one of life's biggest frustrations... We only have two hands. With no medical experience John's My Story contribution is a strategy for growing a third hand.

Grow a third hand in your shop for less than $10.
Balloon Project

Up, Up and A Way

You may have seen the articles about Robert Harrison, a hobbyist from England, whose garage electronics project ended with photos from space on a shoe-string budget. We wondered how hard it might be to do it ourselves and thought we would share our research.

Lift off your space project here.
Lascar Data Loggers

Lascar Data Loggers Are Ghost Busters

Think you might have a ghost on the premises? Take a scientific approach to measuring for an apparition with a Lascar Data Logger. Think we're kidding? Check out this fascinating case study to see whether the 1891 Motley County Texas jail had ghosts.

Who you gonna call?

Jameco In History

Jameco In History All year long Jameco is celebrating its 35 years in the electronic components business.

In a recent newsletter we challenged our readers to dig around in their old and dusty boxes to find the oldest piece of Jameco History. We've been thrilled by all the submissions, but Marcial Berendsohn from Paraguay has produced a treasure trove dating back to 1975. We congratulate Marcial and think you'll enjoy this collection which includes an ad for The Kilobyte RAM Card for just $69.95! Thanks to all our readers who sent in submissions!

See the oldest piece of Jameco history known to man!
Product Update

Product Update

Shalin Shah reviews the new nickel-zinc rechargeable battery technology. No longer do you have to sacrifice power to use rechargeable batteries. Voted Popular Science's best new product of 2009, this is an AA battery with some real kick.

Find out more about PowerGenix Batteries here.