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May 2012

Jameco Electronics Newsletter

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Puzzler 13

Jameco Puzzler: Joe Novice Proves Satellite Expert Wrong

By Forrest M. Mims III

Amateur scientist Joe Novice knows satellite instruments don't always stay calibrated and problems can occur when satellite orbits drift. When he heard a satellite scientist say that the global aerosol cloud formed by the eruption of a giant volcano had dissipated much sooner than expected, Joe suspected the scientist was simply wrong, but he was not a satellite scientist.

How did this novice prove an expert wrong?

My Story: How-To-Solder Video

How To Solder Video Ask any electronics enthusiast and they've got a soldering story. More often than not the story will be of how they came up with a list of new swear words! As frustrating and painful as soldering might be, it's an essential skill to learn and develop when working with electronics.

What will you make when you start soldering?

Jameco welcomes the contributions of its customers. Frankly, we think what you write is more interesting than anything we could write. Share your electronic component story, project, or challenge, and we'll share it with the world. Send your story to [email protected]

Jameco Builds: The DIY Better-Than-Flowers Mother's Day LED Kit

Led Origami By Ryan Winters

You can't buy this in any store, but you can impress your mother, impress your friends and, heck, impress yourself! This kit is as easy as it is cool... in fact you might want one to keep one for yourself. The kit combines the power of RGB LEDs and some simple origami to provide a brilliant mini light show for the table top or desk.

You'll want to see how easy this kit is to build!

Greg's Corner: The Memory of a Lifetime

Greg's Corner By Greg Harris

Eeyore, the gloomy Winnie-the-Pooh donkey, is not what I would consider to be one of Disney's top characters, but after half an hour with my family at Disneyland's Character Breakfast, he was the only character we saw.

After complaining about Eeyore's celebrity status, Disney created the memory of a lifetime.

I'm serious when I say that I encourage complaints. While some are quick to complain, most people figure it's not worth their breath. Most companies don't seem to value customer feedback, but Jameco is different. I read and respond to every complaint and over the years we've made hundreds of improvements based on customer comments and suggestions. Drop me a note if you think you can help.

Get'em While They're Hot - Soldering Essentials

By Robert Cong

Advancing your electronics skills usually requires improving your soldering skill. It's easy enough that anyone can start soldering, but it can be tricky and takes time and practice to master. There will be no mastery without the right equipment. Whether you're interested in robotics, programming or opto-electronics products will make your projects easier to connect and perfect.

Discover what's hot in soldering technology.
Hall of Fame

Workbench Hall of Fame

In a recent email, we innocently asked readers to share what their workbenches looked like. The response was fit for framing, but we're still looking for more. Send yours to [email protected].

View the art of workbenches, visit Jameco's Hall of Fame.
Temperature Scanner

Arduino Temperature Scanner

By Johnathan Hottell

This simple and inexpensive DIY Arduino powered temperature scanner came in handy to solve Johnathan's over-heating truck problem, especially when he was towing something heavy. His solution was far less than what he would have paid for a commercial scanner, and this little gadget just may save a cylinder.

Keep your cool with this DIY Arduino project.

UPS: My Choice

UPS My Choice For anyone who ever receives a home delivery, UPS My Choice gives new flexibility and options, with delivery alerts before the first delivery attempt and the power to redirect or reschedule. Try it for free!

Become a UPS member today.